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ZipTax is an experienced comprehensive tax firm composed of Tax Attorneys, CPA’s, Enrolled Agents. ZipTax can assist you with simple or complex Tax Preparation, as well as amend or file missing Returns to get you in compliance. ZipTax has a highly specialized team of Licensed Agents to also assist with complex tax matters, such as Wage Garnishments, Bank Levies, or other tax matters not commonly understood by most tax or accounting firms. ZipTax can assist you through a tax defense or tax resolution issue.

ZipTax can assist with stopping Wage Garnishments, preventing Tax Levies, preventing IRS Seizures, reducing tax Penalties through an Abatement request, preparing and negotiating an Offer-In-Compromise tax settlement, and other tax solutions and programs available. ZipTax can help address your Tax Liens with both the Federal (IRS) and State tax agencies.

Call us or complete the online request form to obtain your FREE no-obligation tax consultation. Let our team of tax experts take the weight off your shoulders and resolve your tax problems today!


- Annual Income Tax Prep
- Retirement Planning
- Business Investment
- Real Estate Purchases
- Income Tax Projections



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“The tax professionals at ZipTax continue to keep abreast of all updates and nuances in the tax industry, which is ever-changing. These changes may result in opportunities for you.. More...

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