The Ziptax Approach to Bringing Tax Debt Relief

1. Contact ZipTax
To discuss your tax problems with one of our trained Tax Professionals, call ZipTax at (866) 913-3888 for your no-obligation consultation.

2. FREE Tax Assessment
Our trained tax professionals will review your unique situation in detail with you to determine the best tax solutions available to you.

3. Investigation
Our licensed Tax Attorneys, CPAs, and Enrolled Agents will then conduct an Investigation Analysis on your case to obtain the most accurate information available with the tax agencies. You will have multiple ZipTax agents working on your case, including various discussions with the IRS and State to obtain information and prepare your case.

4. Plan of Action
Our team of Licensed Agents will then assess your case in great detail, reviewing all the information obtained from you, the IRS, and State. ZipTax will then prepare a formal Plan of Action with all available options to you on how to proceed with your case.

5. Educate yourself
It is very important you understand what you are up against with the IRS/State. ZipTax will assist you in making an educated decision on which resolution is best for you. Our goal is to make sure you understand the impact the IRS/State can have on your life. ZipTax will help you resolve any tax issue as quickly as possible.

6. Take Action
Once all the information and documentation have been provided, the tax experts at ZipTax will work diligently on your behalf to resolve all your tax matters. ZipTax can help you get back on track to being tax-free.


- Annual Income Tax Prep
- Retirement Planning
- Business Investment
- Real Estate Purchases
- Income Tax Projections



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“The tax professionals at ZipTax continue to keep abreast of all updates and nuances in the tax industry, which is ever-changing. These changes may result in opportunities for you.. More...

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