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My husband and I contracted with ZipTaxOnline June 2012 for assistance with our financial concerns. ZipTaxOnline personnel responded quickly and have bent over backwards to resolve our issues. Due to serious health issues for each of us, we had lost our focus and ability to handle our finances. Overwhelmed, and frustrated, we held little hope that we could hold onto our home of 41 years, or get our tax and financial issues resolved. This includes contacting the IRS and our state’s Department of Revenue. This company has given us a huge ray of hope. God is faithful and has worked through this company for our benefit and we are grateful.

Rebecca & Gail G | Portland, IN
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I was in a bad spot with both the IRS and the State with back taxes owed, Unfiled returns and a debt that kept growing as each year passed feeling helpless and at the mercy of both agencies I turned to ZipTax and the professional tax personnel there to assist me in getting my situation with both the IRS and the State in order, not only did I get a reduction by 61% of what my monthly garnishment was they negotiated a payment plan that was not only fair but allowed me to maintain my lifestyle that I was living at the time, without ZipTax I’m not sure where my situation would be right now.

Manny S | West Covina, CA
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My husband and myself are very very happy with everything that ZipTax has done for us. My husband was diagnosed a year ago with a life threatening illness and we were uncertain and still are of having any financial stability. The ZipTax team including Stephanie, Natalie, Robert, John and the attorneys were all very professional and we can never express to anyone the amount of confidence they projected and due diligence they practiced on our behalf. We have gone to many different attorneys and paid hundreds of dollars to them to find out that there was nothing they could do for us. One attorney advised us to leave the country or ” go underground” after paying him two hundred dollars in cash as he requested. Our tax debt was 65,000.00 dollars and ZipTax got it reduces to 4,500 dollars with payments that are realistically affordable. Thank You very much ZipTax we can now breathe and sleep.
Most Sincerely,
Robert and Julia S.

Julia & Robert S | Avon Park, FL
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I first contacted Zip Tax in November of 2012. Even from the outset, I had a comfortable feeling speaking with Aaron. After he took my information, I felt relieved. I received a call from Stephanie, she explained what she needed from me in order for this situation to be rectified. It was so easy, I was able not receive forms over emails and signed them and email them back in return. I would get calls from Natalie, Stephanie , & Aaron to keep me abreast as what transpired. Also the payment plan was awesome. I just felt no worries. They have been with me every step of way. I just can’t thanked them enough. I would highly recommend anyone I know to Zip Tax if they are having any tax problems.

Brent F | San Diego, CA
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I am writing this recommendation for Zip Tax. We contracted them to straighten out 3 years of federal and state income taxes for our son and grandson, who are over the road truck drivers. They had their taxes in extremely poor condition. Through a lot of hard work and persistence the employees (Stephanie, Chris, Susan, and Aaron) at Zip Tax were able to get their taxes fixed so they are in good order with the IRS and their state income tax department. Whenever we called they responded positively and even called us to get needed information and keep us updated. If you have any tax obligations and need assistance we would highly recommend Zip Tax.

Sally W | Sizerock, KY
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I came to Zip Tax completely overwhelmed and from the first phone call was reassured that Zip Tax could help me. Well just under a year later I was just informed that they have just been informed that our OIC was accepted!!! thank you Aaron, Stephanie and all at Zip Tax you all ROCK!!

Quinn G | Monterey, CA
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Zip Tax did an amazing job for me. After speaking to many other companies and law firms that provided similar services Zip Tax was honest and very thorough so that I understood the process. I will refer people to them! It so wonderful to not stress every
day worry about facing the IRS alone. I have a good company in my corner.

Mehdi M | Irvine, CA
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My husband and I have a large tax problem that has been looming since before I met him. Unfortunately the State of California was coming after us and seeking a 25% wage garnishment. This is primarily due to his not having reported income or paying taxes in 1987 and 1988 but the penalties and interest had exploded to nearly $30,000. I had tried to unravel this situation with no degree of success for many years and we were literally at the end of our rope when we contacted Zip Tax.

Immediately we were reassured by the professional manner in which we were treated and by the process that was explained to us. Not only were our case workers professional but they were also very understanding and caring about the emotional toll of the tax problem and after gathering documents and providing information, it was a relief to put this in someone else’s hands who we knew could help us at last.

The initial 25% garnishment is now a 4% garnishment and Zip Tax is turning their attention to working to reduce the tax liability from 1987 and 1988. Again, knowing that this long standing problem is being addressed by professionals who have our best interests is a huge weight off and this has reduced the stress level in our lives immensely.

We could not be more pleased with the progress on our case and the way that our situation has been handled and highly recommend Zip Tax without hesitation.

Barbara W | Clovis, CA
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I just wanted to thank ZipTax for their quick responds to my tax situation. When I talked to the associate and he reviewed my tax information, he explained all he was doing and what I can expect. He even let me know if they did not accept my claim they would call and let me know. i really appreciate that he did not beat around the bush, was very straight forward, and always wanted to know if I had any questions while explaining what he was telling me. I talked to ZipTax on Oct. 31st and heard back form my case manager on Nov. 2nd with the good news that they were able to stop the levy against me with the IRS. My case manager called me on November 7th and said my 5 years of taxes was done, I was so happy, what a load off me. I can’t thank them enough! I would like to thank ZipTax again, and I would suggest them to others in a heart beat!!
God Bless! Dee

Delilah L | Portland, OR
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I made some real bad mistakes and business decision years ago, and I had owed about 2.5 million dollars to IRS. I was facing jailtime in 90 days for my actions. Things were not going well. I spoke with Ziptax back in July of 2012 and they gave me hope that they could clear up this mess. Well, now its been almost a year and they have saved me over 2.1 million dollars so far, they have kept my out of jail and i couldnt be happier. They asked if I would be willing to do a radio commercial for them and i would in a heartbeat. I have recommended them to a few folks already and will continue using them for any tax or business problems i have. Thanks again so much guys, i dont know where i would be without you!

Heath B | Maxton, NC


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